Handling organizational change will be more effective if you put the following simple rules of use. Achieving personal change will be effective as well if you apply the same methods as appropriate. Change management involves consideration timing and sensitive implementation, and most of all, dialogue with and participation of individuals through changes. If you force changes in individuals usually problems occur. Changes will be matter-of-fact, cover and assessable. These measures are primarily related to dealing with personal change.

Before launching organizational changes, ask yourself about the goal you want to achieve with this change, what is the reason for achieving this goal, and how will you know that the change has been achieved? Which is influenced by this change, and how they will act in response to it? How far these changes we can achieve on our own, and which elements of change we need assistance? These actions clearly connect with the privacy policy and organizational change.

not ‘sell’ change of individuals resulting transfer “agreement” and implementation. ‘Sell’ change to individuals is not a sustainable approach to succeed. As an alternative, a change needs to run and develop the approach that individuals can deal successfully with it. Change can be upsetting, so the manager has understandably be solving power.

Make sure that the people that affect change is the same with, or at least recognize the need for change, and have the opportunity to sit on how the change will be taken care of, and to participate in the scheduling of and implementing change. Utilizing “in person” communications to guard sensitive operations organizational change management. Give confidence to the management to stay in touch “in person” with his group well if they are lending you some help to tackle organizational changes. Electronic mail as well as written reports are very inadequate to put your thoughts and understanding

If you are in the view that you need to make changes without delay, to look at the causes -. The pressure really? The results will adopt a sensible time frame actually be more devastating than to preside over the devastating changes? Sudden change avoid its discussion and participation, leading to later problems that take time to resolve.


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