Change management as a general term refers to the process in which changes in the system are implemented in an orderly manner, after a pre-defined framework or model, with some practical changes. The change can be made in systems, policies, organizational outlook and ultimately in people’s behavior and activities.

The importance of change management and the importance of their jobs change is evident now more than ever. With the changing global economy, competition is tougher than ever with nation states and trade blocks developed and emerging open international markets. So if someone wants to live in this world, innovation is the key to continued existence. Organisational innovation requires a change from all levels, and everyone needs to be aware of it in order for it to be well implemented

Below are some factors that affect the successful change management :.

o Change management involves a considerable amount of planning and receptive implementation- most of all, discussion and participation of the people affected by the changes. If you simply try to force change, problems usually occur.

o The required changes must be realistic, feasible and well defined, especially when dealing with labor.

o Sometimes agencies try to sell change or set of changes in isolation, as a way to get people to buy them and accept things that are not tangible. ‘Selling’ a change in this way is not a sustainable way.

o Change the ongoing organizational behavior needs to be understood and managed in a way that people can actually cope with it. Change can be uncomfortable, so change agent understandably must have accounting effects.

Above all, with the change management processes, the key to effective treatment and the implementation of changes, no matter how large or small, is to have a proper dialogue with the people involved. You should be able to thoroughly explain why and how the change will affect their operations and organization as a whole. After all, change is inevitable, but it need not be painful.


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