Change Management – 4 major areas of strength


With the pace of change and the rapid pace of advancement of technology companies are required to implement the Change Management (CM) process to be ahead of the competition. Earlier business model of the company CM is outdated and does not fully address the dynamics of the current variable type.

Adaptation technology in property planning process is important to push the company forward. Responding to business development in property organization the world has been brought to a new level with the development of BIM technology

Planning for Change :.

effective CM system requires a plan that includes diligent identification of change potential a structured CP (Change Process) and proficient use of technology

Change Method :.

area with great potential for change are areas that are exposed to the greatest changes in technology, changes in the target company, the retail industry competition etc.


Efficient integration is a key factor in the success of CP. Integration is accelerated through effective communication. BIM enables the rapid development and dissemination of change initiatives

Documentation :.

Effective data and monitor CM directives can be an important part of a successful CP and can have a major impact on the cost of change.

How do we deal with CM to eliminate waste?

Is it possible to keep up with the changes?

CM is a fact of doing business. Change is a constant in the current business environment and the companies will develop an action plan to deal with the changes to be competitive.

Work smarter not harder yes, but you have to be nimble in the environment.

have a plan. It will save you time and money.


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