Change management failure – Change scares people


very few embrace change well. Therefore bodies not to implement the change means 70% of the time. Change management mistakes often lead to the destruction of the organization. Stress going up exponentially with the increase in the changes, leading to strong resistance to change, internal conflict and loss of productivity. In a rapidly changing organization number of days off because of the “sick” license increase organizations that do not perform well and right.

We live in times of rapid change in almost all areas of life. People feel less safe in their family, their jobs and their future. Trying to implement changes in such conditions can be “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. It appears that stress are increasing, creating less tolerance for personal change and increased use of drugs and alcohol. If you are a manager or business owner consequences ultimately come to rest on your shoulders.

There are dozens of theories about why organizations behave as they do. And even more why people resist change and will often self-sabotage rather than let the establishment cause amendment. The Whitehall report clearly showed that people who believe they have little or no effect on the environment carry significantly greater stress than in control (sorry Mr. Manager, I know you thought you bore most of the organization stress!). Does it simply adds more stress to the already heavy load.

Simply put smart manager will recognize the needs of his / her people and to implement policies to incorporate those needs in the change program before anything else begins. This requires a very specific evaluation and communication process that often is beyond knowledge even the best people managers. Get it wrong and you will pay the price.

So this means, avoid change of organization? Should you avoid being a failure statistic by doing nothing? Unfortunately this is also a disaster in the fast moving world. You’re damned if you do and damned if you do not. So you might as well get it right the first time.

The resistance to change stems from fixed pattern to develop on an unconscious level. Just as our unconscious mind learns how to walk and talk when we are very young, so it learns patterns the behavior and handling social situations. Something that tries to move away unconsciously driven way will meet with resistance. You often see this when you go to motivational and life changing courses. I feel great in 24-48 hours and you feel like you will change the world, but 98% of us end up back in the same patterns within days. It is our unconscious mind is not like changes and creates all resistance.

But if you handle it right, your mind will do what it is told to do. Current methods of changing the way the mind reacts to its environment have significantly improved in recent years. Even severe trauma that has had a lifetime intrusive impact and pass appropriate interventions can now be removed in time, not years. The same methods change work with organizations. In fact, the entire organization, or the part, behave in exactly the same way as individuals when it comes to implementing change.

The secret is in the process of understanding and communication. You can not just talk to the staff and expect them to graciously accept a bid to turn his life upside down. Such stress-causing methods are destructive of freedom and tend to produce illness and sometimes death.

It is amazing that many organizations have multi million dollar budgets to implement changes to the program, but then forget about the heart of the organization, people


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