Change management in the public sector; DHS


Change Management situations can occur anywhere and sometimes they live in conditions that are so severe that they definitely could threaten national security. For example, the upper management changes in the public sector as in the top ranks of computer and cyber security division of the Department of Homeland Security, for example. Just imagine the importance of the top places keep and possibly chaos and controversy that could occur if someone leaves suddenly?

Next realize that such a deviation of temporary power and leadership vacuum and allows security holes to be forgotten for even a short time. Well this is what almost become the Department of Homeland Security as Director of IT and by the leadership was not immediately filled. Luckily for urgent action by the top leadership of the problem was averted from becoming serious. But realize that it was not some real timely executive decisions and some strong bases secondary lead.

Yes our nation is safe, and that the point of this case study is valuable at all levels of public and private corporate leadership that just because the change is no reason for the chaos in short. Perhaps you will consider this as you read the case studies of change with those who seek and teach in Management Sector? Think about this in 2006.


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