Change management – The What, Why and How of


What is Change Management?

. “Change management is a structured process and tools to lead the people side of change” (Proscar)

Change management is no longer a vague ‘management concept’ – it is an important leadership skill and strategic ability to manage in this amazing time with unexpected terminated

“Companies have to move quickly -. to make the right decisions and act on them with unwavering confidence, the ability to respond. fast is absolutely characteristic high -performance companies. “

Why is Change Management important? Similar to Project Management, which is a discipline that contains a set of tools and practices to manage the “technical” or “business” side of change, change management is based on controlling the “people side of change.” So, why successful people side of change?

  1. Increase the performance of change projects (Proscar studies show that the # 1 reason why most projects fail is employee resistance and ineffective management of the people side of change)
  2. Project performance is not good policy or project only. Like many things, the inter-being of many skills needed for effective change. All too often people control side (organization) of change is left out.
  3. Change management is a strategic skill – a skill that organizations can not do without. The company’s ability to move quickly and adjust to change quickly is a must skill.

“We change management everyday! Whether we are aware of it or not, change is part of every project we work on.”

How to manage change effectively Many companies have great plans and ideas, but they are failing to implement. So, how do you position yourself and your company to implement change successfully?

“Excellence, anything is achieved through constant and unwavering focus, practice,” on-the-ground “training, discipline, perseverance, adaptability and resilience.”

  1. There are many organized models out there – choose good. It will help you organize your thinking and strategy to manage change.
  2. Just like any skill, whether it’s Tiger Woods golf game, or music James Taylor, it takes practice.
  3. Find a coach, a mentor. Learn from those who have gone before you, of those who study and manage change every day.


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