Focusing on the goal of Change Management


The dictionary defines a system as “… a structured process or set of related items”. As applied to businesses, effective management control is a perennial management tool that links facts together in an orderly fashion, so the manager can timely decisions.

Administrators will manage a number of variables every day, including

– High-level business objectives such as productivity and customer service levels

– the relationship of one department other

– The timely resolution of customer concerns

– Address variances expected performance targets

Organizations often undertake process improvement initiatives to achieve these objectives. When committing resources business process improvement initiatives, it is important to focus on the entire organization on the following ultimate goals and objectives

1) Reduce the amount of time it takes to change

large projects that extend over a long time are often frustrating process. The Project Manager will be sure to include milestones that can be effectively measured to ensure progress towards the ultimate goal and serve as a celebration of success. In addition, the change is expensive and most of the costs are time dependent. It is faster change process usually better for the organization.

2) Optimize investment in change

objective of Change Management is to increase business performance at the lowest possible cost, and not just implement changes for change’s sake. Effective Change Agents perform tasks with minimal disruption to daily activities and recognize when the cost of change of the potential benefits.

3) Maximize the performance change efforts

get as much as possible from changing experience. Set stretch goals and demand that managers meet or exceed them. Push your business the highest level of performance and favorable competitive position. Always remember, the competition is also trying to improve the performance of

4) Some constants in change

– All institutions change. by design or default

– Change can be planned and controlled; by you or for you

– How do you react to change is as important as what you change

– Resistance to change is normal, predictable and can be managed

When implementing business process improvement initiatives, it is always important to remember the ultimate goals plan and organize work assignments so they can be successfully performed in customer expectations and internal cost constraints. For these objectives expected outcome of the project will ensure success.


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