Top 10 Change management skills for managers


Change management has become the motto for many film business. But it need not be as uncomfortable as it is known

We can choose to set managerial our stalls out to embrace change and see it as new challenges that stimulate and test us -. Or we can face the other way and pass.

For us as management, skills that we need to manage change are in constant demand. When you work in a focused way with careful preparation and planning, the film can be minimized

Change can be positive and stimulating experience in your business or organization – .. If you let it be

There Best change management efforts to establish a simple, almost imperceptible steps – as little course correction a 747 Jumbo allows the ocean to get to the destination

Great management changes create excellent results, because they .. ..

1. Communication Well

They invest their time in regular and open dialogue with their people (the informal as well as formal) and embrace them to find a win-win solution to change.

2. Have a clear vision

Really understand where the company is going to conclude cooperation visioning work with people and are able to share it enthusiastically and effectively .

3. comply

Any activity within the change process is provided in accordance with fair, reliable and honest program – no exceptions for anyone – even themselves.

4. Have Great Rapport

Easy change strategies delivered because these leaders have already sown the seeds by building close relationships with their people.

5. Are Trusted

people to know their leader cares and is doing the best he or she can benefit as many as possible. Their behavior is so that their people trust them as far as possible because their experience here to show them that they can.

6. Plan well

Good management changes have considered all possibilities (often under advisement from his people through dialogue); has decided the best value issues and have checked what and what does not, no surprises.

7. Have a disciplined approach

They stand up well to the proposed method and timetables for changes to be made, to build confidence in themselves, whilst ensuring that their team sees they mean business.

8. Stick to their guns

best change managers do not change from accepted the results, what emotional stresses they face, and they are still able to show flexibility where common sense dictates so. The outcomes are fixed.

9. Treat People Well

They respect people for themselves and treat them with respect and dignity in this often tense times, go the extra mile to provide advice and support up to a point where the individual must fully understand that change is going to happen.

10. Are the results Focused

make decisions based on true value creation and use very objectively as urgent goal. They lose sight of the purpose of the changes they underwrite it enthusiastically, even if it has been placed organizationally them.

Good managers change are able to respect themselves with the people, because the professional approach and how they work with their people as they progress to change the function.

Often, the best change managers able to put habits change as simply a way of life and people embrace it as such, with a zest for challenge.


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