What is Change? How to deal with Change Management


What is the change? How do we deal with it and change management? Is it a fact of life to celebrate – or something that occurs every time and disturb our peace and is against

Let’s just try and get a quick handle of “change” aspect of this. When we consider life as fixed and static – we tend to think of it in terms of my life, my job, my business, and all nicely wrapped up with clear boundaries define my own internal “map of reality” ie the process of cognition we take, sort and interpret our life experiences.

In this context, things are considered separate and stasis, time goes linearly from the past to the future, and human experience from this perspective, the duality and separation.

In other words, it’s “here I am” and the world “out there”. So the question “what is the change?” answer and illustrated by events such as recessions -. Things I do not like and happening to me

Morpheus and Neo – hardwired configuration

If you ‘re starting to think that this is starting to sound like conversation between Morpheus and Neo in “The Matrix” – it matters because this is how we as human beings are hardwired to behave

This is “default. setting” – and much of what we do is that motivated this inbuilt need to keep things as they are – to preserve the boundaries of “my life.” – keep my liver and my safety and comfort of my

This is also important because it goes directly to the root of all resistance to or acceptance of change – WIFM – “what’s in it for me?”

Change as something to be avoided is also the default setting. most companies

In other words – to establish a business model that works, and build it as long as possible -. the same organization motivations survival, safety and comfort

But the trouble with this business philosophy is that the current situation, planning, behavior and culture evolved in a certain static environment have very limited activity in the fluid reality that we are now experience.

So, for business leaders and managers, what is the appropriate response to change?

Historically, in times of recession has been “slash and burn” on costs and to focus on and streamline business processes to squeeze out ever greater efficiency.

Last time round the focus was all about achieving the efficiency by creating and establishing a process that would deliver the efficiency regardless of the human cost.

Do you remember the period after the last recession when the Business Process Re-engineering was very popular? And emphasis was always on the process and not the people – and get “buy-in” was once described as a change agent friend of mine as “like trying to get a bunch of turkeys voting in favor of Christmas!”

But when you think about it, the process is just people “doing things”. So it really all comes down to people and process – and that means the process work for people

to the question of “what’s changed” evolved into “what is change and how we can. Success with what? “.

And to successfully deal with change management that we need leadership insight and management processes to avoid catastrophic failure rate of any business change initiatives.


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